Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm just so tired!!!

Really. I am. Today, I had my first shower since Sunday. Yeah, it's Wednesday, I know. Maybe I like being grimey... Maybe I LOVE walking around with sour milk on my shoulder. It's cool! I wear all these things as a badge of Mothering honor.
"Oh, yes interested bystander! I DID only get two hours of sleep last night! Thank you for being so concerned!"
"Indeed, Mother of One! It IS quite a bit harder than having just one measly baby. Not just ANYONE can have two children."
"Why... Hello fellow mother of two! Yes, you can join my exclusive club."
I might say all these things... if I ever got out of the house to speak to adults. That must come when you join the "Mother of Schoolchildren" club. For now, I'll just be happy when I make it to the grocery store and back before my "girls" begin to leak.
I wanted this...right?


Anonymous said...

I am right there with YOU! One is cake! But I always remember what other Mommies tell me..."it get's easier at about 3 to 4 years"...Let's stick to that one, K?

Anonymous said...

Nice to visit your blog tonight, Mommy of Boys. About the couch post - I gave some furniture away to a student a few months ago... He was amazed that anyone would just give it away. Totally cool that my old stuff would make someone that happy!

mrsturtlemama said...

Hi fellow mother of two children! I'm so glad you came over yesterday and hope you do it more often. I know what you mean...showers are luxuries, not guaranteed. You are a great mommy, and even though you are covered in sour milk and who knows what else, you are making an eternal difference in your little ones' lives! :)

Jessica said...

Well, well. Sounds like you've stumbled upon the best birth control known to womankind.