Friday, November 14, 2008

Mubbley Bumble Mips

Well, well, well. Haven't seen you 'round here for a while... It's been a busy 6 months. I am now teaching drama at Christ's Center (my prestigious alma mater) to 6 of the MOST dramatic 5th - 7th graders most of you have never met. We are now rehearsing for the Christmas program which is promising to be fierce. Jackson continues to astound all with his brilliance. A few weeks ago, we were playing with his Thomas the Tank Engine set. (his current fav activity/tv show/book, etc...) Thomas derailed and Jackson said, "Oh, no! He's in the Mubbley Bumble Mips!!!" "The what?", was my reply. "The Mubbley Bumble Mips! Oh, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"
He's very concerned. We asked him what a MBM was and he said, "On the Backyards, The Mubbley Bumble Mips.", like we were completely retarded for not getting what he was throwing down. So, like any competent parent would do, we got out the Backyardigans DVD (one of many, that was the fav. before Thomas.) And sure enough, there were the Bubbly Mud Pits that the pirates had to cross over. I then understood Jackson's compassion for Thomas. I would not want to be stuck in Mubbley Bumble Mips either.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Couches and Craigslist Part 2

So yes. For all of you who were wondering... We finally got rid of the chicken couch. It's been a while so the details are a little blurry, but... A girl and her boyfriend came on Tuesday and picked up the couch. They were going to come Monday...but couldn't. Then they were going to come on Tuesday at 12. They got lost and were late. 2 hours late! Sigh. Well they got here, and I showed them the couch, and told them it was heavy. In my heart, I was praying to the Lord that they wouldn't hate it and leave. I would have cried. This was before Noah was born, so I could very possibly have actually been crying at the time and not known. Who knows? So then they said, "Let's take off the slipcover." "Oh NO!" I screamed silently. "Then you will see how truly hideous this couch is." I could practically hear the girl sending her boyfriend silent vibes to just run away. But... They took it. Along with the four pillows I had stuffed down inside it to help sitters to not fall through to the bottom. YAY!!!!!!! Now we have a great couch! It's such a blessing. And so clean. Even though Noah has peed on it like 5 times so far. I love Resolve.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm just so tired!!!

Really. I am. Today, I had my first shower since Sunday. Yeah, it's Wednesday, I know. Maybe I like being grimey... Maybe I LOVE walking around with sour milk on my shoulder. It's cool! I wear all these things as a badge of Mothering honor.
"Oh, yes interested bystander! I DID only get two hours of sleep last night! Thank you for being so concerned!"
"Indeed, Mother of One! It IS quite a bit harder than having just one measly baby. Not just ANYONE can have two children."
"Why... Hello fellow mother of two! Yes, you can join my exclusive club."
I might say all these things... if I ever got out of the house to speak to adults. That must come when you join the "Mother of Schoolchildren" club. For now, I'll just be happy when I make it to the grocery store and back before my "girls" begin to leak.
I wanted this...right?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Couches and Craigslist

Well, I used craigslist for the first time. I have, in the past, been reluctant to use what I have been told is a wonderful source for procurring and/or relieving yourself of items of use or non-use. But the time came and I could no longer deny my need. Here's the story:

The Setting: My house
The Date: Sometime last week
The Action: Josh and I were sitting near the computer doing I don't remember what. (I'm pregnant. Cut me some slack.) The phone began to ring... Josh answered it. "Hello?... Oh hey, Mike. How's it goin'?... Yeah, we have Josh and Nakita's phone number. Why?... Well, we need a couch... Yeah, they have a pretty nice one, but ours is basically crappy... Yeah... Sweet... Okay, cool... Okay, see you at church... Bye..."
Turns out, Mike and Terryl got a new couch and needed to get rid of their old one. Cool! Really, our couch is awful. Just ask Karen Rivas, she will tell you. The deal is; we got it as a hand me down when we got married. It's a hide a bed, and I think it's like 73 years old. The people that had it before us we not the cleanliest. When we went to pick it up, there was a peice of BBQ chicken stuck in between the cushions. Hurl! Did I mention that one of the cushions has a huge hole in it and is consequently about 2 inches bigger than the other ones? Well, I just did. When we put this monstrous couch in our house I wouldn't sit on it. I febreezed it. Four times. I just couldn't bring myself to sit on it. CHICKEN!!!!! Gross. We got a slipcover and I conquered my fear of the couch. We got some extra pillows to stuff down in the cushions, so you don't fall to the floor. We made it work. And it has served us well for nearly four years. A couch has been on my wish list for nearly four years. And now we have a new one! Thank you Lord!!!! Never mind that we sniped it from our best friends. They'd never know. They have a couch. Who cares that Nakita doesn't love it. They have a chickenless couch. We deserve this couch.
Great! Now, what are we going to do with the chicken express? I called Goodwill. "Hi, do you guys take couches?...No... it isn't really sellable, I guess...Do you know where there are any dumps?... Okay thanks." I called up my father in law. "Hey Jerry, it's Carlie... Josh says you know when the dump in Monroe is open... The second Saturday of the month?... Shoot.... Okay... What?...Craigslist? I don't really... Are you sure?... Okay, we'll try it... Thanks, bye."
I put that couch on craigslist thinking that nothing would come of it. 2 hours later, we had three emails. Sweet! Did I ever tell you how much I love Craigslist? So Phil is gonna pick up our couch on Sunday at one. We race home from church to be ready for Phil... Josh moves the couch. I vaccuum under the couch. I sit on the couch. Phil doesn't show. Josh lays on the couch. I read on the couch. Phil doesn't show. I friggin' hate craigslist. Josh emails the other people who want the couch. Sam calls us right back. She was online. Nice. I love craigslist. Sam and her bf will come on Monday at noon to get the couch. YAY! I call up the Kaisers. Hey, Brooke it's Carlie. We were sposed to come get your couch, but the guy didn't come for our couch. Could you tell yer dad that we'll call him and get the couch sometime this week? Thanks." Josh and I watch tv way too close to the screen, cause we don't want to move the couch back.
Monday am: I get an email from Sam. They can't come get the couch till Tuesday. THAT'S FRICKIN GREAT! Do they know that the couch is in the very middle of my living room? Do they know that there are other people WAITING for us to get our new couch out of their garage? Do they? I write her back. Sure.. that's fine... we'll wait. But you better bring two guys cause this couch is huge... Thanks!
I did NOT really mean thanks.
Nobody ask me what I think of Craigslist.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weepy Weeperton

A Very happy Tuesday to you all!

As a rule, I used to consider myself a fairly even tempered person. If something really went wrong... there were times I could be... emotive. But I think I'm mostly happy. Well, something has happened to me. It was about 8 1/2 months ago. A parasite entered my body and I became someone else. Someone I do not recognize. A babbling, blathering breeder.
That's me. Just call me Cryface McTearsalot.
Yesterday, I'd say I cried 4 or 5 times. And it's never over anything important, like the conviction of the Lord or anything. Just a commercial or two... or ALL of them. I cried last night at The Biggest Loser. That's right. People who shed half their body weight make me weep like a schoolgirl.
I remember after Jackson was born how I'd cry over tiny things, but I had an excuse. My body was returning to it's normal self. I mean really. I had nine months of PMS to get through. So that's understandable.
Did President Bush ever make you cry for 15 minutes? Well, maybe that's not the best example.