Friday, November 14, 2008

Mubbley Bumble Mips

Well, well, well. Haven't seen you 'round here for a while... It's been a busy 6 months. I am now teaching drama at Christ's Center (my prestigious alma mater) to 6 of the MOST dramatic 5th - 7th graders most of you have never met. We are now rehearsing for the Christmas program which is promising to be fierce. Jackson continues to astound all with his brilliance. A few weeks ago, we were playing with his Thomas the Tank Engine set. (his current fav activity/tv show/book, etc...) Thomas derailed and Jackson said, "Oh, no! He's in the Mubbley Bumble Mips!!!" "The what?", was my reply. "The Mubbley Bumble Mips! Oh, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"
He's very concerned. We asked him what a MBM was and he said, "On the Backyards, The Mubbley Bumble Mips.", like we were completely retarded for not getting what he was throwing down. So, like any competent parent would do, we got out the Backyardigans DVD (one of many, that was the fav. before Thomas.) And sure enough, there were the Bubbly Mud Pits that the pirates had to cross over. I then understood Jackson's compassion for Thomas. I would not want to be stuck in Mubbley Bumble Mips either.


Paul [the convert] said...

Thats hilarious! was that Josh who said that or Jackson? Cause I'm pretty sure I've been called that during one of his mad rages!

Anonymous said...

Funny!...wonder where that boy gets his humor from? tk

Kathy Sheldon Davis said...

That boy can be SOOOOoooo serious, can't he!