Monday, October 5, 2009

Because... Who DOESN'T Want Five Pumpkins???

Oh, October.... What an innocuous sounding month... But, I know better. I know you are full of preschool, and home group, and dr. appointments, and meetings, and band practice, and hay rides, and pumpkin patch visits at least five times, and costume buying, and costume wearing, and coat buying and coat leaving-in-the-car-so-what-good-is-it-anyway?, and oh CRAP! last minute rent check mailing, and engagement ring inspecting, and so forth.

October, the gateway to Thanksgiving and Christmas.
October, the orangest month of the year.(Go Beavs??? Nah.)
October, the month in which I buy candy "for the kids" and then eat candy in front of the kids.

No longer, October, will you best me! Surely, I will be in charge of this month! I will buy costumes in the first half of your 31 days! I will not leave my dealings to the last minute, AND I will begin Christmas shopping, and I may even print and address some Christmas cards!!!

Rest assured, October, I will do this! After I have some candy.

There. I got that out.

On a more serious note, I went to a meeting tonight about the CASA program. For any who don't know, (I say like there's more than five people who read this) CASA is Court Appointed Special Advocates. They are the voice of children in the foster care system. At this meeting, I was startled to learn that there are over 1,000 children in the foster care system in Lane County alone, and of those 1,000, only about 300 have a CASA. This is because of the lack of volunteers. The idea of becoming a CASA has been swirling about my brain for a while now, and just the fact that it outlasted all my other harebrained ideas must mean something right? (BTW, I found some GREAT Thomas the Tank Engine fabric at Wal-Mart and almost bought it, until I remembered that I'm NOT taking up sewing. Dang!) Anyway, the application process is fairly lengthy and intensive, so if you want you can pray that I will be accepted and that this will be a good fit for me. And you can pray about becoming a volunteer yourself, after the application and training process it only involves around 10-12 hours a month. Check it out.

And lastly, I just want to take a minute to remember Olivia Ray. Olivia was born shortly after I arrived on the YWAM base in Elm Springs. Her parents were on staff there and I remember seeing some of her first months. She was 10 years old when she was hit and killed by a car on Saturday, and though I haven't kept in touch with her parents, my heart breaks for them and their girls right now. John and Jane raised their daughters to love Jesus, and I hope that knowing Olivia is with Him now brings them some comfort in this time. Please pray for the Ray family if you think of it. Your prayers are heard in Heaven and felt on Earth.

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Allison McDonald said...

lol!! i'm laughing AT you, not WITH you my friend!! My simple solution (in part) we don't DO halloween...i'm helping head up a fun little Pumkin Party at church tho, where we are gonna try to keep the candy at an all time low and the fun way up high! I really love fall!!
Thinking of the Ray's too, everyday. Its disturbing when people we love so much hurt so bad, and we wish we could just make it all go away, or better. No bandaid big enough, except for the grace of God.
Love you Carls, and thoroughly enjoy reading your rantings...i can HEAR the words as you type them - crazy, I know, but i miss you that much.
Your pal, Al