Friday, April 9, 2010

NFA: Phyllo Chicken Bundles with Wild Rice

Well.... NFA is rocking our faces off. It's fun, it's a great conversation starter, we're saving money by not eating out.

Chicken bundles... I'm sad to say, there will not be a repeat performance of the chicken bundles any time soon. They weren't bad. They just weren't awesome.

The recipe came from a little Betty Crocker Casseroles and Slow Cookers book that I got in the impulse buy section of Safeway. I have got to stay out of there! The other day, I almost paid $29 for a movie I didn't really even want!

My little bundles were attractive, but labor intensive, which is not really what I'm going for. The recipe specifically called for 40 sheets of 14X17 phyllo dough. Thawed. Yeah, didn't have that.
I had 28 sheets of 12X19 frozen dough. I forgot to set it out. So I ran to the computer to google "how to quick thaw phyllo dough" Let me tell you that nobody spells fillo dough the same way. Even I don't! Look at that! Well, I also forgot to thaw the chicken, so I was RUSHING to get it done before home group.

The filling was very good. I made a few adjustments. It was supposed to have asparagus, but Josh and the boys detest it, so I just used celery. Also, it called for shredded swiss cheese. I had some sliced provalone and that was very tasty. I ruined the lid to one of my Pampered Chef prep bowls microwaving the carrots. Bummer. ANYway, they came out very nicely, but were too papery for everyone's tastes. But! As I said before, the filling was very good.

I used the wild rice medley you can get at costco, and when it was done, I realized that the boys (all three) would probably not like plain wild rice, so I tossed some garlic salt and parmesan cheese in it and that ROCKED!

Yesterday, I forgot to thaw the roast for my pulled pork with root beer sauce, and I cleaned a house till five so we had Bam's again, and tonight is our good friend Josh Guth's birthday, so it's Red Robin tonight, but in the spirit of NFA, I will be having something new! Tomorrow is Vodka Cream Pasta for Josh's birthday. I hope no one saw me coming out of the liquor store...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carlie,
Phyllo Dough is a bummer to work with sometimes. Another quick substitute can be those silly canned biscuits. Simply roll them out flat. If you have trouble making them fold up, you can cut slits into the corners and fold like darts in a dress,stuff them into a muffin or cupcake pan, then either leave open like a a little pie or pinch closed. Another alternative is using the eggroll wraps, you get about 20 in a package or more using their smaller cousins... the wonton wraps. If you are making snacks or party foods, the wonton wraps work well.
You learned the best part... make your chicken/turkey filling awesome and the rest takes care of itself. We don't care for Swiss cheese here as much, so Kevin, [our resident Culinary Arts student and burgeoning Chef]mixed it up with cream cheese.
anyway, that's my penny's worth of info on that.
Love from Auntie Carol in Indiana