Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chili for Six

This picture was from Cool & Crunchy Chicken Taco Night, but I love it and want to see it again.

Friday was my best friend Nakita's baby shower. It worked out that they came for dinner and afterwords, the girls and Emmett went a'showerin' and the boys stayed home to play Heroscape. There is absolutely no reason for me to give all that info, but I did and I don't want to use the backspace button right now.

Dinner was Microwave White Chicken Chili, again from Pampered Chef. I just got a Deep Covered Baker and I wanted to use it, hence the chili in the middle of spring.

This chili was alright. I only have this one picture of it, because I forgot to take any until after I had served everyone and the half empty baker just wasn't attractive anymore. It's sad 'cause you can't really even see the chili, just my cheese and avocado (henceforth and forevermore referred to as green butter) and cilantro.

It could be a Yumm Bowl for all you know...

The pro for this dish was that it was made in the microwave and was pretty fast. There aren't really any cons besides that it didn't blow my mind. All in all, it was a sturdy white chili. If I ever need to make a white chili for a contest, I may start with this one and tweak it till I love it. What does that even mean?

I see Beef with Snow Peas in our future...

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Jessica said...

I hate the "just okay" meal. Feels like a swing'namiss. But avocado, well, there's your redeeming food right thar. Bravo, green butter, bravo. And I like that picture of your kid. Totally makes up for the picture of the Yumm Bowl. I mean, chili.