Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NFA: Blackened Chicken

So, Day Two was supposed to be Pasta alla Marlboro Man from Pioneer Woman's website. Somehow, I managed to read my calendar wrong. So, it was Blackened Chicken from Allrecipes. A few things:

1: I ain't buyin' white pepper for five bucks just for this meal... My little family don't do spicy.

2: A half a chicken breast is NOT a whole chicken breast. I know that this should be self evident, but it wasn't at cooking time. Me no follow dyrecshuns so gud. This particular recipe called for 2 chicken breast halves. So, I used 4 whole boobs and only doubled the spice mixture. It worked out though.

3: My kids are AWESOME! (That's a freebie, I'm just throwing it in there!)

Since I have the whitest husband on the planet, I did not double the cayenne pepper like I should have. I didn't want it to be too hot for him and the Manlets. It wasn't.

This chicken was very tasty! Both the boys ate a whole piece of chicken which NEVER happens! I made garlic horseradish parmesan mashed potatoes too. Just writing that sentence makes me happy. I love potatoes! You know who doesn't? Jackson. He likes french fries, but a starch in any other form is unacceptable to him. These potatoes were so good that even Jackson asked for seconds! Score one for Mom!

The only thing I didn't like about this recipe was that no one said how you coat both sides of the chicken with the spice mixture without losing some of it when you flip it over to do the second side. But that's really not that big a deal now is it?

Here's a picture of my actual plate. Notice the bite already cut out of the chicken. Notice that there are no other pictures of this meal because I forgot to take them.

Coming up: Pasta alla Marlboro Man and Bread That Could End Your Life

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